My parents started renting RVs for our family vacations because I would get so car sick in the family car during long rides! But, I never got sick riding in the RV. That's when I fell in love with RV travel.  Once I had kids of my own, I passed on my idea of "roughing it." We found the perfect camp site with just the right amount of shade, set up the RV, gathered wood, and prepared for the night. With an RV, we always had a back up plan in case of rain; MOVIE/GAME Night!  ( In the comfort our RV!).  There was just enough space for the kids to spread out and keep the peace. LOL Our Minnie comes with a hitch and is ready to tow your boat or ours. Did I mention our boat is also available to rent? We love boating. The fresh air and water is the perfect recipe for a great weekend or vacation.  Fast forward 20 years and my ailing parents came to live with me. I did a total remodel of the RV to make it accessible for them to travel in with us. Must have been good karma!
Cincinnati RV Rental Owner

Hi, I'm Tina